Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build products for your health.

PureHandle® is the market-leading antimicrobial supplier. When manufactured into products, our antimicrobial additives provide the ultimate surface protection against microbes such as bacteria and mold, creating more hygienic products with an extended functional lifetime.

We are a world-class manufacturer of high-quality products. We believe in ensuring our business is customer-focused, flexible, and responsive to our customer’s needs. Service is at the heart of what we do, offering flexibility in batch sizes, industry-leading turnaround times, and color customization as standard.

Our production facilities and quality control systems are designed for superior quality while allowing competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. By using the most advanced technologies, our experienced staff can provide customized solutions to the most difficult application problems. In fact, we love to work with our customers to create something special for them.

Mission, values and behaviors

PureHandle® is a global leader in built-in antimicrobial products. We pride ourselves on being an innovation engine for companies worldwide, but our value proposition doesn’t begin and end with our technology portfolio. As a PureHandle® partner, you will benefit from a host of invaluable turnkey support services. Our industry experts become an extension of your own team, providing unrivaled marketing support, regulatory guidance, and sales training. With more companies in our partner network, PureHandle® is recognized as a global Trustmark of antimicrobial performance.

Certified Quality. Tested Efficacy.

The PureHandle® company and its partners are committed to building healthy and safe environments where people live, work and stay. Each of our products is designed to provide the quality, value, and performance our customers demand and are manufactured in ways that help conserve natural resources and eliminate through the application of new technologies and operational efficiencies.

We seek to achieve the highest standards in product performance and environmental responsibility by continuously working with our employees and business partners. Throughout our supply chain, more quality recycled materials are being used, and waste is being eliminated through packaging improvements. We are enhancing our product design process to include more environmental and sustainability considerations.

Furthermore, we are empowering our employees more than ever through new resources and training programs designed to ultimately help our customers understand how our products apply to the latest green building regulations and certification programs worldwide.

This commitment is important to us because we believe delivering safe, durable, and innovative products in a responsible way is critical to our success. By delivering positive economic, environmental, and social results, we are creating real business value and continuing to build on our legacy as a responsible corporation that is trusted by our employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate.

At PureHandle® we’re really proud of our company, proud of our team, and proud of products and services. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service and products to the industry while providing environmentally responsible choice.


With over 12 year’s success, PureHandle® has become synonymous with improved hygiene and antimicrobial performance you can rely on.



Consumers who purchase products carrying the PureHandle® trademark can be assured they are getting a product that will deliver highly effective antimicrobial protection.



All PureHandle® antimicrobial products are formulated to deliver the highest levels of performance for the most demanding of applications.

Join the future of health and discover why PureHandle® is the best choice for you and your business.

As our partner, we will provide you with a complete support package enabling you to maximize the return on your investment and to promote your product to market.

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