Antimicrobial Products for Healthcare

Good hygiene is imperative in any healthcare setting, whether it is a hospital, doctor’s surgery, care home, or dental practice. Whilst regular cleaning is imperative to manually remove dirt from surfaces, PureHandle® antimicrobial technology delivers a second line of defense by reducing a broad spectrum of microbes by up to 99.9% and therefore improves hygiene between cleans.

  • 99.9% cleaner than similar surfaces;

  • 24/7 continous protection;

  • 100% safe for you and for the environment;

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the cost of healthcare for patients with resistant infections is higher than care for patients with non-resistant infections due to longer duration of illness, additional tests, and use of more expensive drugs. This is putting immense pressure on healthcare providers and global economies.

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Antimicrobial Products for Education

The proximity of children and the extended periods of time spent in the classroom creates the perfect environment for microbes, such as bacteria, to pass quickly and easily between pupils. This can often result in infections, causing absenteeism and learning interruption.

At the moment, government guidelines recommend regular cleaning to minimize the spread of infection in schools. However, beyond regular cleaning, little consideration has been given to alternate or non-traditional methods for limiting the potential for cross-contamination within the learning environment.

Antimicrobial products for education are an easy way to complement existing cleaning practices and increase hygiene levels in a school environment. PureHandle® antimicrobial technology is effective against a multitude of unpleasant and potentially illness-causing bacteria and it has been proven to work in a real-life school environment, whereby pupil absenteeism due to sickness decreased by a staggering 20%.

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Antimicrobial Products for Public Sector

The public environment provides almost perfect circumstances for the existence of microbes such as bacteria and mold. Recirculated air, the proximity and interaction between occupants in environments such as hotels, leisure centres, offices and educational facilities all support the growth and distribution of microbes which can potentially cause illness or material degradation.

Whilst a product may look clean, the chances are it is in fact contaminated with microbes that can at worse cause illness, if not spoil products so that their functional life-cycle is shortened.

Good hygiene is essential for any business in the food and catering industry. Contamination from bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter and Salmonella at any stage of the supply chain can have devastating effects not only on consumers but on businesses, too. Any method that has proven to reduce bacteria that may spoil food or cause illness is therefore favourable.

PureHandle® antimicrobial products for public places can help make any institution a cleaner and happier place to be.

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Antimicrobial Products for Home & Leisure

Microbial infections can spread very quickly: frequently touched and forgotten-to-clean items both in the home and in leisure environments present the risk of bacterial cross-contamination. Mould growth on products in the home and inbuilt environments can also be extremely unsightly and impact air quality.

Products carrying the PureHandle® trademark can be trusted to deliver effective and lasting protection against the negative effects of microbes, making your environments safer and easier to keep hygienically clean.

As the importance of hygiene is increasingly gaining awareness, it has become expected that environments such as gyms, hotels and shopping centres take responsibility for maintaining high standards of cleanliness. That’s why PureHandle® is being incorporated into these environments.

PureHandle’s antimicrobial products for home and leisure benefit from integral protection against microbes. The inbuilt antimicrobial technology is effective against bacteria, viruses and mould by up to 99.99%, offering the genuine benefit of a cleaner, more hygienic surface for the lifetime of the product, as well as increased peace of mind.

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