Antimicrobial Nanotechnology

Our wide range of Antimicrobial Products offers lasting Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, and Antiviral protection. Overall, PureHandle® Antimicrobial Products will:

  • Reduce cross-contamination;

  • Reduce bacteria and mould by up to 99.99%;

  • Be effective against viruses;

  • Stay fresh for longer and;

  • Be easier to keep hygienically clean;

  • Be safe to use in a variety of environments;

  • Have an extended functional lifetime;

  • Offer certified quality and tested efficacy.

The micro silver used has ECOCERT certification; this means that the microparticles are safe for humans and the environment. The active ingredient used by PureHandle® is also used, for example, in skin creams, toothpaste, and even in implants.

How Does It Work


PureHandle® treatment reduces the growth of bacteria and viruses on the product surface by at least 99.9 percent within 24 hours. It restricts the metabolism and reproducibility of germs so that the microorganisms die off.



Microbes, such as harmful bacteria, can be found on the surface of products used throughout the home. PureHandle® featuring antimicrobial technology has an added layer of protection against the growth of viruses, bacteria, and various microorganisms.

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Consumer safety is a fundamental concern for us. The antimicrobials used in PureHandle® finishes are approved by:

  • (BPR – Biocidal Products Regulation);
  • (EPA – Environmental Protection Agency).
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PureHandle® treatment is certified for protection against microbes according to:

  • The Hohenstein Institute, Germany;
  • The CATAS Institute, Italy;
  • The Cantacuzino Institute, Romania.
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Aureobasidium Pullulans

Yeast-like mold; worldwide. Contact Common Infections: hypersensitivity pneumonitis or "humidifier lung" characterized by shortness of breath, cough, fever, chest infiltrates, and acute inflammatory reaction; catheter-related septicemia.

Penicillium species

Mold (room temperature) and yeast (body temperature) phases; found in soil, plant material, indoor air; Southeast Asia and China; over 30 species. Modes of Transmission: contact; soil exposure; trauma; inhalation.

Dust Mites

Symptoms of Infestation: allergy symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, itchy/red, watery eyes, nasal congestion, itchy nose, itchy palate or throat, postnasal drip, cough, facial pressure, or pain.

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Who recommends us?

At PureHandle®, customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. That’s why companies happily choose us as their antimicrobial provider. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service and product to the industry while providing environmentally responsible choices.

Our partnerships reviews:

“Every day globalism is taking place in the world. People move a lot from one to another place. Door and window handles are everywhere and being touched millions of times. Not always people can clear their hands before touch any public handles. So, PureHandle comes in a very important time that killing the germs and avoid diseases is a key for the human race”

Dr. Anna Zommer, CEO SAE Institute
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