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At PureHandle®, customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. That’s why companies happily choose us as their antimicrobial products provider. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service and product to the industry while providing environmentally responsible choice.

Our Partnerships Reviews

Here are some PureHandle® testimonials, sent with appreciation by some of the world’s best partners and clients.

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“Every day globalism is taking place in the world. People move a lot from one to another place. Door and window handles are everywhere and being touched millions of times. Not always people can clear their hands before touch any public handles. So, PureHandle comes in a very important time that killing the germs and avoid diseases are a key for human race”
Dr. Anna Zommer, CEO SAE Institute

“We’re excited to partner with PureHandle because of their innovative approach to antimicrobial surface treatments. The antimicrobial agent is fully infused into products to provide ‘always on’ protection that doesn’t wear off during the lifetime of the product.”

Milton Keyy, AMM Media & Marketing

“We continually strive to offer new and innovative solutions for our customers. This partnership with PureHandle® allows us to further enhance our technology options for our customers and to increase our product portfolio as a result.”

Simon Jr. Case, PPO Area Sales Manager
“We believe that this innovative partnership with PureHandle will increase our brand and product equity. Not only tangible, but intangible co-created assets will help us to make many more signature offerings. Using PureHandle® antimicrobial hardware will enable us to provide solutions for our resellers in a number of vertical markets where hygiene is a critical factor.”
Alex Ferreyra, Open Doors Manager
“Thanks to our cooperation with PureHandle we will take our efforts on customer-oriented solutions one step further, with goals of maximum operational efficiency and sustainability-focused on high-quality products and services incorporating the latest available technology.”
Nicolas Paladis, RoBoCom Institute
“PureHandle® antimicrobial solutions help us to meet the growing demand for germ-free handles and we are excited to launch this new offering into the market.”
Michael Woonsen, LAB Protect Sales Manager

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