We provide enhanced product performance

PureHandle® works with over 50 partners worldwide to develop customized products featuring antimicrobial technologies. Built-in at the stage of manufacture, our proven solutions work to improve these products with a lasting resistance to microbes such as bacteria, mold, and mildew. PureHandle®’s comprehensive quality control processes and unrivaled technical know-how that come with partnerships help ensure that treated products achieve the highest possible standards in antimicrobial performance. This enables PureHandle® partners to offer products that are scientifically proven to remain cleaner and fresher for longer.

We are proud of our brand partners. From start-ups to product innovators and globally recognized brands, they all are committed to innovation, excellence, and the provision of antimicrobial products that consistently perform.

All antimicrobial products that carry the PureHandle® logo are tested extensively to ensure they achieve the standard of antimicrobial performance required to carry our trademark.

Our brand partners operate in a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, food & catering, education, home & leisure and construction.

If you are interested in our antimicrobial products or if you would like more information: