About us

PureHandle® is a global leader in built-in antimicrobial products. We pride ourselves on being an innovation engine for companies worldwide, but our value proposition doesn’t begin and end with our technology portfolio. As a PureHandle® partner, you will benefit from a host of invaluable turnkey support services. Our industry experts become an extension of your own team, providing unrivaled marketing support, regulatory guidance, and sales training. With more companies in our partner network, PureHandle® is recognized as a global Trustmark of antimicrobial performance.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service and product to the industry while providing environmentally responsible choices. We’re proud of our service, so how do we define service? The four pillars of PureHandle’s unparalleled service are:

  • Responsiveness: We listen, act quickly and efficiently, deliver accurately and communicate openly.
  • Expertise: We focus exclusively on antimicrobials products and are an experienced, knowledgeable, and talented team.
  • Customization: We are flexible and offer individually tailored solutions.

  • Reliability: We are professionals and consistently there when you need us.

Our values

Working at PureHandle® is being part of the PureHandle® family. Our culture is what we value in a PureHandle® family member and how we expect a PureHandle® family member to behave towards others inside and outside the company. So what are the PureHandle® values?

  • Integrity: Be honest with moral principles;

  • Excellence: Strive to be the best;

  • Adaptable: Be open, willing and able to change;

  • Accountable: Own and justify your actions and decisions;

  • Passionate: Have strong feelings and beliefs.

Our team

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build products for your health. Our behaviors:

  • Team approach: Solve problems working with others; the group is responsible;

  • Respect: No matter what role you play in our team, your work will be appreciated;

  • Loyalty: Support the company;

  • Transparency: Be clear and share information;

  • Professionalism: Be polite, self-regulate, self-manage.

Become a PureHandle® partner and work with the antimicrobial brand you can trust.

As our partner, we will provide you with a complete support package enabling you to maximize the return on your investment and to promote your product to market.

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